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                                                  Limited Warranty Information

Hardys Auto Parts LLC strives to sell you the best quality parts available, however, occasionally a problem occurs. The following warranty information and policies apply to the part you have purchased:

-Parts returned because they are defective will be replaced at no charge or at our cost if we have to purchase one and it costs more than the original part.

-Any part that is returned because it wasn’t needed or because some other reason occurred that has nothing to do with the parts ability to meet the customer’s needs as stated on the invoice will be subject to a 30% restocking fee. Returns must be within 30 days.

-Most mechanical parts carry a 90 day unlimited mileage warranty unless stated otherwise on the invoice.

-All gaskets should be inspected and replaced at time of installation. Oil leaks and gaskets are not covered under warranty.

-All external parts on engines (Throttle body, distributor, coil, flywheel, glow plugs, injectors, turbo, manifolds, oil pan, Etc.) are left on for convenience only and do not carry any warranty.

-All engines are warranted against excessive use of oil, excessive smoking, cracked block or heads, knocking, bad cam or crankshaft only. Electronic problems are not covered.

-Hardys warranty does not cover towing, rental cars, loss of use, lodging or inconvenience.

-For warranty to be valid on transmissions, filter and seals must be replaced upon installation and coolers must be flushed. OEM specified fluid must be used.

-Warranty is not transferable.

-Warranty is void if parts are improperly installed or run low on coolant or oil.

-Warranty claims shall not exceed original purchase price.

-Labor claims will not be paid under any circumstances. Reimbursement shall be for part cost only if found to be defective.

-All parts must be returned to Hardys Auto Parts for warranty refund if defective.

-Special ordered parts are non-returnable.

-Shipping charges are non-refundable

 -Non-rebuildable, incomplete or broken cores are not acceptable for credit. Cores
  must be assembled for credit. Cores must be returned within 30 days.